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SME Services

  • Servicios para Empresas

Annual report 2018

  • Anuario CESGA 2018

  • Description of the service

The data storage service that CESGA provides is oriented to the storage and treatment of high performance information, large volumes of data of high availability, and access from any computer connected to the Internet.

  • Service request

To be able to use the storage service, it is necessary to have a user account in CESGA's servers. If you do not have a user account, it is necessary to complete and send the signed form of user activity (also accessible from the section "Request  Application Forms" from the menu "User Support").

The following step consists of completing the application form for storage services (this requires a user account ), for which it will be necessary to determine the quantity of information that one wishes to store as well as the characteristics of this information. In order to orient the user of the service in this classification, we recommend that the user read the following section regarding the classification of the information and, in case of doubts, contact the Systems Department CESGA in the following way: contact form.

Once the application for service has been sent, CESGA will contact you with information about the characteristics of the storage system that will be put at your disposition and  how to begin to use it from that moment.


The cost of the service will be based on the characteristics requested, for which the value will be determined in each particular case.

  • Policies of use

A description of the of acceptable use policies that must be complied with is avaiable at the following link acceptable use politics.