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  • Description of the service

The connectivity service provides affiliated institutions with high performance access to the Science and Technology Network of Galicia (RECETGA). This service will grant the user centre privileged access to resources such as Internet connectivity offered not only at a regional level, but also at national and international levels (RECETGA, RedIris, GEANT, Internet2, Red Clara).

CESGA manages RECETGA and its interconnection to the Spanish Research Network (RedIris NREN). The connectivity service is designed to provide a robust solution to the requirements of the majority of the researchers and teachers providing innovative services that are commonly available on research networks (IPv6, multicast, Eduroam, VPNs, circuits under demand, access to research networks, etc).

CESGA provides IP routing based on IPv4 and IPv6 protocols with "dual-stack" configuration through RECETGA. The connectivity service includes this technology. In order to use it, the institution must have IPv4 and/or IPv6 addressing (its own or provided by CESGA).

In addition, RECETGA's core network supports Jumbo Frames (MTU of 9000 bytes) as well as multicast traffic distribution.

Two options are available in order to proceed with the connection to RECETGA:

Connect directly to a core node of RECETGA (recommended).
Connect through an existing affiliated institution. In this case, an agreement must be made between the interested parties regarding the use of the infrastructures and traffic in transit.

The candidate institution is responsible for managing their access link from the institution to the nearest RECETGA core node.

Service request:

This service is available for institutions that belong to the Galician University System (SUG), CSIC centres, R&D departments of institutions and/or public or private companies, and institutions and/or companies that participate in R&D&i activities with CESGA whenever they satisfy the adhesion criteria.

In order to carry out the service request for connection to the Centre, the interested institution or company must complete an application form and send it to CESGA electronically or via traditional mail.

  1. In order to use the telematic procedure, the applicant must properly complete the New center connection request form (electronic form). 
  2. In order to use the traditional mail procedure, please print a hard copy of the New center connection request formorm[Icono PDF], complete it correctly, and send it to the Director of CESGA.

In both cases, please indicate the following information

  • Institution/Centre identification
  • Institution/Centre activity
  • Justification of the need to connect to RECETGA
  • Type of connection required (bandwidth or other needs)

Once the application is accepted, CESGA staff will perform the technical connectivity analysis including the possibility and means of connectivity between the geographic location of the soliciting institution and the nearest core node of RECETGA.

  • Price

The connectivity service is free. The Centre has to to pay the mile connection of the last mile between their Centre and the nearest RECETGA Point of Presence. 

  • Terms of use

In following link the acceptable use policy of RECETGA is described and it is binding for all assigned institutions.