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Description of the service

Captura de imaxe da ferramentaCesga has a collaborative work tool on the network (Seminar) that allows meetings by videoconference, the organisation of expositive sessions through the network, Web seminars, interviews, etc ... that  is based on the open source tool, Openmeetings.

Seminar allows the simultaneous sharing of audio and video among several people:

  • share a multimedia presentation, images, or pdf,
  • write on a virtual blackboard in a collaborative manner,
  • visualise the remote desk of the session moderator,
  • send chat questions,
  • save the session as a video to be downloaded later, and
  • conduct on-line surveys while the event is celebrated.

Likewise, the characteristics of the tool allow the following:

  • the participation of up to 200 persons per event,
  • the advance programming of events,
  • the sending of e-mail warnings to all the participants so that they can directly enter into the room by a link,
  • the use of 2 types of rooms, for meetings or for events (for training or expository sessions with more participants,
  • the authorisation of any participant to contribute by voice or in writing on the blackboard, send presentations, etc., and
  • the saving of the content of the blackboard in image format at any time.

The only requirement to be able to participate in a virtual meeting in Seminar is  to have an Internet browser that has Flash and Java.

Si deseas saber más sobre Webinars o sobre herramientas de trabajo colaborativo en red puedes consultar los artículos al respecto que tenemos en "SOPORTE USUARIOS" -> "E-LEARNING Y COLABORACIÓN" -> "MATERIAL DIDÁCTICO".


Service request

The request for service has to be made via the Application Form in the section of User Support, completing the form for the virtual Web seminar or high definition videoconference (choose the option "Web seminar"). 

To be able to access the service, it is necessary to belong to the Galician educational community, to CSIC, or to participate in activities of CESGA's R&D&i activities.


The use of this service is free whenever one belongs to any of the groups mentioned in the previous section. In other cases, please contact us by means of the following contact form.

Policies of use

The service ascribes to the general policies of the use of services of CESGA. It can be consulted in the area of User Support: General policies of use.